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    Hey Guys, help would be very much appreciated..

    My Blackberry Torch 9800 was stolen yesterday. I called Rogers and had them lock the phone for me to be safe though.

    Over the past week or 2, I've had about 60-70 contacts added to my BBM contact list. I have my contacts backed up to my email address but I havent backed it up in about a month so my new contacts might not have been included. If I buy a new Torch and register my email will those contacts come back if I try to "Recover".

    I was hoping this would work because those are really important people I needed to have on my list? Is it hopeless to think I can recover them.

    Thanks so much!
    10-09-11 03:48 PM
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    Ok so you mean BBM Contacts, and not just plain ol' Contacts?

    If you had enabled Remote Backup in BBM and registered an email address, then YES you should be able to recover all of them once you have a new BB and have signed in to your email account on it.

    As for your regular Contacts, had you ever set up the BB Protect app? If so, you can restore all of your Contacts except any made since your last Protect backup.

    And if you have a recent Backup from DM, you can restore both Contacts and BBM Contacts, but of course only those set up prior to the Backup. If you upgraded your OS, it would have made a file called Loader_Backup (or something similar) that is a full Backup too.

    But anyway, re the BBM Contacts you should be all good.

    PS Sorry to hear about your Torch…
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    10-09-11 04:08 PM
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    Thank you so much! Yea I just mean BBM contacts. I haven't backed it up since I got the new contacts so I wasn't sure if i'd be able to recover the old and new contacts with my email address.

    My Sim card is gone so im guessing my phone contacts are gone but thats not a problem (i didnt call them anyway lol)

    Ok so I did do a DM backup about a month ago so If I restore them that way and do a second restore via email, will that work too for the newer contacts?
    10-09-11 04:31 PM
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    That should restore your BBM Contacts (old & new) and any regular Contacts (i.e. "Phone contacts") you had at the time of that last Backup.

    But again, the newer BBM contacts only come back if you had registered your email for that. Do you recall ever going into you BBM Options and setting up the remote backup option?

    If you have no idea what I mean and you're not sure, I can post some screenshots…
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    10-09-11 04:56 PM
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    Yes I did a remote backup. But I haven't backed it up again since getting the new bbm contacts. Im not sure if you have to keep backing it up or if it does it automatically but it is backed up through my email address.
    10-09-11 05:09 PM
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    Local Backups (to your media card) are done manually, BUT…
    … Remote Backup updates automatically any time there's a change to your BBM Contacts.
    So keep your fingers crossed that that works out!

    When you get your new BB, use DM to restore your last Backup, then ensure your email account(s) is/are connected, and then do a restore in BBM Options.

    And download BlackBerry Protect from App World ASAP!
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    10-09-11 09:24 PM
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