1. rodgerrodger's Avatar
    HI i would like to know if its doable to downgrade this model( torch 9800) which apparently comes with os 6 as stock.
    also any new ways to viber working on this os??

    thank you.
    04-13-17 11:54 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Don't know if this still works.... http://forums.crackberry.com/desktop...r-easy-592099/

    Not sure if Viber still works, but this site has copies of some of the older apps BlackBerry OTA Downloads
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    04-13-17 12:17 PM
  3. johnb_xp's Avatar
    This page will let you download old BBOS Verisons. It's for AT&T phones, if you are on a different carrier I can find the link for you if it exists...

    You'll also need the Desktop Manager.

    I just used these downloads to downgrade my Pearl 8100 to OS 4.2 from 5 and it worked great!
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    04-14-17 01:03 AM
  4. rodgerrodger's Avatar
    Thnks john, i did visit that page but the problem is when i select my blackberry model (torch 9800) all listed OS are of 6 version, there doesnt seem to be a 5 OS for this particular model or is there?
    04-15-17 12:30 PM
  5. johnb_xp's Avatar
    Wait... The torch shipped with 6, whoops! Looks like you are stuck with OS6.
    04-15-17 01:09 PM
  6. joeldf's Avatar
    I had the 9800. It released with OS 6. There is no build of OS 5 for the original Torch.

    Remember too that each legacy OS was made for a specific phone. A build for the 9800 only worked for the 9800. There were very few builds that worked on more than one specific model.

    Now, within each model, a build released by one carrier for a specific model actually worked with all models regardless of carrier any of the other models were on.

    I know that the last AT&T version of 6 was build 600. But, builds were being released by other carriers for over a year since 600 came out. The last I used was 749 before I finally left for BB10.

    04-15-17 01:38 PM
  7. rodgerrodger's Avatar
    Wait... The torch shipped with 6, whoops! Looks like you are stuck with OS6.
    Yeah seems like it, im only downgrading to install viber, i did manage to install via JAD file and the app ran just fine but the phone verification keeps saying its a non valid phone number.

    Thnks anyway
    04-16-17 01:22 PM

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