1. dawnjc79's Avatar
    In my email options I've set it to delete on Mailbox & Handheld and on reconcile, Handheld wins. What I've noticed is that it doesn't seem to work when I delete multiple emails. My mails are only deleted on Handheld but still in my mailbox. Any idea how to resolve this? It's quite annoying to have to delete things twice.
    03-05-13 04:54 AM
  2. Alicia Erlich's Avatar
    Hi Dawn. That is pretty simple. You can read through our tutorial on how to delete multiple messages on your device.

    Also make sure you check your settings in your mailbox. From your homescreen go into the mailbox folder of the account your are modifying. Click on Menu > Options > Messages Options > Email reconcilation. From here you can change the prompt for Delete On to Handheld, Mailbox & Handheld, or Prompt (to have it ask what you would like to do). I hope this resolves your issue. Have a wonderful day.
    03-08-13 01:37 PM
  3. dawnjc79's Avatar
    It looks like my settings are correct but when I use the "delete prior" option, it is only deleted on my handheld and not the mailbox?
    03-10-13 11:12 PM

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