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    Right, I have recently encountered a problem after settling overseas. I have a Blackberry torch 9800 through 3UK, It is unlocked and I'm currently using it on Telstra in Australia.

    What I've noticed since I got here is that when I save someone number into my phone (e.g. as 0487+++) and then text them, I select them from contact list, text sends fine, problem is when I get a reply from them it start a new conversation in my message folder. So I end up having 1 text to the person, and 1 back from the same one, but comes back with the Australian country code (+61487+++ and the 0 having been dropped) Ok so I then save that number instead of the 0487 number, but then when I recieve calls from that number, it just appears with the number 0487+++ instead of +61487+++ and not the name the number has been saved under. In the UK I never had this problem.

    I was wondering if this is cause I am using a UK phone abroad of if I have something setup wrong. I could save every number twice under each name once with 0487+++ once with +61487+++, but that is more hassle than should be worth.

    Hope someone can help.
    01-11-13 02:10 AM

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