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    i recently had issues with my torch rebooting with no end in site. the first time it just stopped and got a safe start up message. about 2 weeks later, it did it again. this time it would not get itself out. i should note that these were after app download reboots. i did the os reinstall, or tried. i got to a point that it did not find my phone. i put the battery back in, while still connected, and kept hitting retry over and over; that apparently was the key. you are supposed to reinstall the battery at the reboot stage, but for mine, this worked. i'm hoping the 10 is what we're expecting. i never had any issues with my 5 year old pearl. i know it's not the same but..........
    hope this helps anyone with similar issues.
    my thanks to blaze, sorry, that's how i read your handle.
    12-24-12 01:55 PM

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