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    Hey experts,

    I have an odd problem that I'm stumped by. I have a number of icons/programs on my Torch that are not showing up for some reason. Now of course I've tried selecting "Show All" from the BlackBerry menu, yet none of the missing programs show up.

    It first started a few months ago, where my Twitter app stopped showing up (even though in BlackBerry App World it showed as installed, yet was no where to be found). I managed a work-around, by using UberSocial, so I didn't bother looking into it. Then I tried downloading Hoot Suite, with again the same problem; App World said it was installed, but the actual program was no where. Now I just had a third program do the same thing, but this one's more important. The actual app for BlackBerry App World is now not showing up; so not only can't I use its barcode reader, but I obviously can't download any programs, or update any.

    It's extremely frustrating, does anyone know what might be going on?
    12-03-12 04:50 PM

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