1. fixityffk's Avatar
    my blackberry 9800 cannot "connect to boot rom" . how can i get it to connect?
    07-04-11 10:36 AM
  2. Lego Star Wars's Avatar
    Need some more info. What os you running? have you attempted to upgrade? etc. Please say you backed up before attempting to upgrade if you did. Have a look at the post here, choose an upgrade, download and install. Hopefully that should help
    07-04-11 11:25 AM
  3. fixityffk's Avatar
    i did that already but wen it reach the connecting to boot rom a message pop up n say it cannot connect to aplication loader
    07-04-11 12:14 PM
  4. fixityffk's Avatar
    my blackberry 9800 cannot connect to boot rom each time i do a message pop up saying cannot connect to application loader. How can i fix this cause i cant get of the "reload software 507" message off my phone
    07-04-11 01:34 PM
  5. mas999's Avatar
    try using BSAK (Blackberry Swiss Army Knife) free tool that is very useful to restore and repair BB
    07-04-11 02:32 PM
  6. fixityffk's Avatar
    i tried that, it wipe the device yes but i can not install another software cause it not connecting to boot ROM. when it reach that process a message pop up saying application loader cannot connect to blackberry device
    07-04-11 02:37 PM
  7. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Try starting apploader with the battery out.
    07-04-11 02:42 PM
  8. fixityffk's Avatar
    nope it not connecting to boot ROM same way
    07-04-11 02:46 PM
  9. Reed McLay's Avatar

    I suspect you may be seeing this message after the failed upload.

    I have had this same problem with my 8130. but i was able to finally get it to connect what i did was i left my battery out of my bb until it switched from load jvm and system software to wait for device initalization. as soon as it switched from one to the other i put my battery back in the bb and it finished loading.

    I hope this may help others as it did for me and if not i just thought i would pass along this bit of information
    07-04-11 03:02 PM