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    Hi there,

    is there anyone who can help me or give advice?Im going crazy from this phone,i never had a smartphone .It is just a week old... and all it does all day is restarting....after i do something,call,bbm,even when i just slide the phone to close it it restarts 10x a day.....i was up whole night and did some research about this but it can be sooo many thinks??batery?some bad app?the OS??
    The only i managed to do was to conect it with pc (i have mac) wit bbdesktop manager and than i let it run for updates,it changed the OS version from to and thru this process it showed on the phone( 2x error 507 )search on blackberry/error507......so i thought i cant finish the upgrade but i let it and now it looks like it works again???but after that when i disconected the phone from pc(when all was finished) it restarted again about 4 times......????Now its alive but im afraid that its going to shut down again and i have no idea than what to do....im already downloading a new OS for a nother try when i still have the problem.

    but can someone tell me please if it is possible that the bb ds manager fixed my problem it self with upgrade and it restarted after just because it had to??i also lost my bbm contacts like i would never had them...so it did some change....

    thankx to anyone who can answer ..
    12-18-12 10:53 PM

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