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    Hey CB! So my blackberry torch 9800 was actually "nuked" 4 months ago. during that time, i returned it to the shop to be fixed and also done some research for 1 week and still haven't fixed it. Now, after 4 months of being untouched, It started working again. Although its like it woken up and doesn't know what machine it is anymore.

    > Battery Icon is normal when charging but after being used, the battery icon stays at 100% FOREVER. then after a day, From 100%, it will go to 8%. It was unexpected so my phone was dead the whole day. :/
    Did a battery pull and after turning it on, the battery icon indicated how much battery is left. I was happy it was fixed, but after 30 mins or so, the battery went up. after a few hours, the battery went to 98% and stuck there. wtflol.

    So, yeah, is there anyway to fix this battery icon problem where the icon goes up and stuck at max battery? i dont wanna get an unexpected low battery the next day. ;_;

    Thanks for reading!!
    11-16-12 08:34 AM
  2. jafrul's Avatar
    be extra careful with that phone dude..

    this is the start of Skynet.
    the start of the end for humankind.

    Sent from my unsliding BB slider
    11-16-12 08:54 AM
  3. WingedBird's Avatar
    I knew this day would come. Better call the kindergarten cop. This is gonna be a of an apocalypse.
    11-16-12 09:29 AM

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