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    Windows 7 Ultimate theme is the closest look of Windows 7 you can get on your BlackBerry. This theme has it all. Theme features Windows 7 Ultimate, customized to fit your BlackBerry like nothing you have seen before.
    Storm user will need to click on Start Icon to activate the dock and click the Icon again to hide it. Other BlackBerry users will click on the Start Icon or press the $ sign to activate the dock, it hides by pressing escape key.
    Menu then features icons with text that are fully customizable following the order on the Application screen. The only static icons on this theme are: search, profiles, and power off.
    Navigating through the homescreen is simple. Storm user will click anywhere on the dock to activate the icon, while other BlackBerry users will scroll up/down for the icons on dock and left/right for icons on taskbar. Note that this theme is best viewed on OS 5.0 and it will look slightly different on older OS's.


    09-21-10 09:31 PM