1. skyboxer's Avatar
    It looks like this cross-compatability between devices is here to stay. Do you see, after OS 5 rolls out for all newer devices, perhaps a 480X360 themes thread instead of separate ones for each device?
    It would be nice to post and have to look in only one place, and having a larger group of developers in one spot may foster friendships, or perhaps rivalries, that we wouldn't see otherwise.
    A minus I think would be the implied compatibility on a device that the developer may not even have. Of course there are those that do not update their device software but expect themes to work also.
    What is your thoughts?

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    11-10-09 06:02 AM
  2. shankeith's Avatar
    lol...no like, i was just going to start a thread like this after not seeing a 9700 forum,
    however OS 5.0 hasn't been officially release to all the phones
    11-10-09 06:34 PM