1. tkh329's Avatar
    I'm interested. I'm a little bored with the "Today Plus." I like clean and simple.... What's your pick?
    04-22-09 03:28 PM
  2. donw35's Avatar
    I am using the Leopard / Iphone theme, I like it. My work requires a blackberry so I made it look like my iphone. very nice
    04-22-09 05:47 PM
  3. Orias3141's Avatar
    Pmb (pimpmyberry) storm theme. Have not wanted to look at anything else. Plays great with any wallpaper...
    04-22-09 05:57 PM
  4. niteice's Avatar
    I've been using the PipBoy theme, which has now sadly been pulled from the Internet...I finished the look with BB Alerts to make the LED flash green. It's a great way to make a fanboy happy.

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    04-23-09 12:18 PM