1. afiore's Avatar
    I find all the today themes disappointing. I like the idea of a today theme, which would show all your relevant information at a glance. But none of them seem to live up to this ideal. And this seems one area where the Blackberry PIM features falls short.

    What I have always wanted in a today theme is some configureability. I dont know if this is possible, but I would like to have a configuration screen where I could select what items show on my today screen (maybe I want Messages and Calendar only, for example). And I would like the ability to select the font size for the today screen. I would like the today theme to dynamically display as much info as possible, too. For example, showing more Messages lines if I dont have many Calendar events that day. Or letting me select how many lines are devoted to each section.

    And now that we have the new 4.5 OS and Theme development tools, ultimately what I would like to see is a sort of today theme with a bottom zen set of icons. The set of icons on the bottom (or side) might be something like Call Log , SMS, Messages, Calendar, and the Blackberry applications menu (if necessary). You could roll your highlight over any of the items and the today screen would only show data for that item. So if you have Calendar highlighted, then only Calendar info is displayed on the whole rest of the screen. This doesnt have to be configurable, but if I could select the list of icons or change the font size, all the better.

    What do the rest of you think? Are you really happy with current Today themes? What would you like to see? And is any of what I suggested possible with the current tools/OS?
    08-17-08 10:38 AM
  2. CGI's Avatar
    I'm not sure how saavy you are, but you can download Plazmic for free. It's easy to learn, in my opinion.

    That said there are limits to what is possible, particularly if the OS is not 4.5.

    There are also a lot of posters here very good at making custom themes. Try blacksberry.com, Dan does good work.
    08-17-08 11:18 AM
  3. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    afiore, Welcome to CrackBerry!!
    The software (Plazmic) has many limitations for theme makers. What you describe sounds nice, but if it could be done, there are certain icons that dont show up on the screen as you'd like them too; they appear blank. So the theme makers place there what they can; if that makes sense.

    Try contacting a few of the theme makers and see if they are willing to make you a custom theme.

    Also know that fonts based on themes can not be changed by the end user; so whatever font the theme maker users is what you get.
    08-17-08 11:24 AM
  4. Akakios's Avatar
    A lot of what you're asking for just is not possible based on the limitations that Plazmic has. ScandaLeX is spot on there.

    If you can accept the limitations, but still know what you want, PM me and I'm sure we can come up with something. Visit my site and take a look at the variety of themes we have. If you don't see what you like, we can do something for you!
    08-17-08 11:56 AM
  5. orangetx's Avatar
    man i hear what you saying, but keep in mind, when some of us designers make themes, we do it on what we like, unless its a special request. i know a lot of ppl like to see their screen and the image. my themes usually always keep a PIM function on it, since i like my appts to be handy.
    so a custom theme request would be good for you in the case your having. but what your asking for, is just not possible with the berry. its a great phone as we all know, but it just is a phone in the end.
    it would be great to have some of the ideals you came up with, and till someone learn to re-write the data for the phone, we must live with what we have.
    maybe RIM have a suggestion site or something, you could post these suggestions there.
    08-17-08 06:50 PM
  6. Akakios's Avatar
    but it just is a phone in the end.

    I agree with you up until that point!
    08-17-08 08:00 PM
  7. orangetx's Avatar
    lol, its a phone in the end, but its still a blackberry over all. God bless the berry
    08-17-08 08:22 PM
  8. Akakios's Avatar
    lol God bless the berry indeed!

    lol I had to say it OT! hey, nice site by the way. Really like your work.
    08-17-08 08:59 PM
  9. AClayeJ's Avatar
    How come all the Today Plus themes with bottom or side docks can't be customized (icons movable), but ones from like Bplay for example can be? The "Next Gen" themes they have like Reflex 2.0 Today Plus icons can be moved to wherever. Even the Today Plus ones from BB can be customized as well. Do they use the same software to make them?
    08-18-08 07:44 AM
  10. NancyDrew's Avatar
    I believe they use different or modified programs to make those themes.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-18-08 09:44 AM
  11. orangetx's Avatar
    yes, like NacyDrew said, it is a different program that no one can find but them....i actually started thinking that it may be the other program that you download with plazmic. it is a flash program that you can create anything you want, but i dont see how it can tie into all the other features they themes do. being a flash designer, i know i can make a interface like theirs, but all the other things, just outta my league.
    08-18-08 10:07 AM
  12. ganns1980's Avatar
    Yeah, I think it's got something to do with the Plazmic composer, just haven't figured any of it out yet!
    08-18-08 04:01 PM