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    Hello all,

    I am having a weird problem. I have designed a theme that I use as well as using some other great themes downloaded from this site.

    For some reason, whenever I call someone (the call screen) a small icon shows up in the upper right area of the screen. It appears to be a signal meter maybe, it has a black background and blue lines with the small bar at the right and tall bar at the left..

    it looks like the Cingular bars on their commercials but backwards if that makes any sense.

    In my theme design, no where is this icon.

    I have rebooted, battery pulled to no avail.

    My wife's BB and our friend's BB does not have this icon.

    It does not appear to affect functionality of the phone it just looks out of place and is annoying.....

    Any ideas?

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    02-16-09 01:51 PM
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    Never mind I figured it out. It was the bass boost icon.
    02-16-09 04:04 PM