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    Hey guys,
    I'm on OS 4.5 and was wondering if anyone could provide me with an OTA install link for the Vodafone White and Green theme for this OS.

    The ZIP files are available at http://forums.crackberry.com/f16/all...ad-here-58617/ but i dont know how to convert it to an OTA and install on my phone.

    I really like this theme and would really appreciate it someone could help me out.
    Thanks in advance... u guys rule!
    10-05-08 11:05 AM
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    Well... it shouldn't be.

    At this thread, I just post icons extracted from vendor themes, they're png format icon files, not themes.
    Plus, for OS 4.1 Vodafone doesn't offer White or Green themes, which are exclusive for OS 4.5 device just as yours.

    So I'm a blit confused that since you're running OS 4.5 system and you're under Vodafone service, the two themes you mentioned should have been preloaded on your handheld beforehand.

    Side note: vendor themes have been installed in your home computer once the OS been installed, there's no need to do an OTA thing. If you have deleted vendor themes, just find them and install them via Desktop Manager, then things will be good to go. For example, I can flocate my vendor themes at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8310-v4.5.0.69_P2.7.0.72\Java on my hard drive.

    Well, there's another confusion: since you're running under Vodafone (at least you're using a Vodafone device according to your profile information), The two themes would be recongnized as default element by Desktop Manager which means they can not be deleted by Desktop Manager, only if you used some special treatment to your Vodafone device, such as, delete them by using Javaloader.exe application on your computer.

    What I'm saying is, if you're looking for Green and White Vodafone vendor themes at my previous thread, you'll definitely find nothing but OS 4.1 vendor theme icons which is not what you're looking for. Themes mentioned above are exclusively preloaded on Vodafone devices, they shoudn't be gone since you're running OS 4.5 system Vodafone Curve 8310.

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    10-05-08 01:23 PM
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    hey dude
    thanks for the extended reply. Its weird, by default it should've loaded. I ended up updating the software after manually unlocking vendor themes from the blackberry.alx file and then reloaded my os... its all here now! man i love this theme....
    thanks for the help tho...
    10-05-08 02:52 PM