1. raverx3m's Avatar
    ok im not a noob to theme building i made few themes for winamp windows media and stuff.
    but when i open the plazmic iam totally lost.
    i installed plazmic
    downloaded the simulators? for 8320 and 8900
    and tried to figure it out but no luck

    theres so many folders that i have no idea where to get the original theme files.
    can someone please make a quick walkthrough on how to make a basic theme

    from loading files to saving them in plazmic?

    i and alot of people im sure will appreciate it much.
    05-09-09 11:07 PM
  2. Shao128's Avatar
    This video is a great starting point: Media Library
    05-09-09 11:10 PM
  3. raverx3m's Avatar
    ok the part im having trouble with is getting the images.

    where the **** do you get the images from?
    the buttons,menus, screens and all that.

    can someone explain to me all the folders with million images in them.

    i am confused.

    i just tried to edit the buton and i edited the original theme button and saved it

    i mean wtf. its frustrating.
    all the tutorials assume that everyone has those folders figured out already.
    05-15-09 11:34 AM