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    I'm attempting to make a World of Warcraft Theme for the Bold (Getting it on Monday, and wanted a theme to match my favorite game, haha.) But, the icons are to big, so I thought maybe resizing the images I was using (Using ones that match WoW Ingame Icons) would work, but nope...

    Is there an easy way to resize the icons on the Homescreen? I've got the newest Plazmic and the Bold simulator, and I've been having fun just messing around with it, and atleast trying to learn on my own, but this is confusing/stumping me.

    (Yay, my first post)
    01-29-09 08:57 PM
  2. scottbg1's Avatar
    02-01-09 02:27 AM
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    Haha, thanks! Bookmarked it.
    02-01-09 03:01 AM
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    same here!!!! bookmarked!!!!
    02-06-09 09:11 AM