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    So I have a ton of questions that I can not find answers to anywhere...I have exhausted myself on google and here in the forums.

    I am designing my first theme and it is going pretty well so far. ( http://forums.crackberry.com/f176/di...om-you-539978/ If you want to take a look yourself)

    These are my questions:

    1) Is there a way that with my dock sliding across the bottom I can add another icon on the top that stays in place? I understand the icons are not moving rather the whole screen is moving spots but is there a way I can make the icon stick without adding it in Theme Builder? Possible answers I have thought might work is adding the icon I want to stay in place on another layer or adding it in theme builder but then how could I find out the buttons name to custom write keys to hide/show a icon from theme builder?

    2) My icons on the dock are all in device order but is there a way so that when they get highlighted I can show their names on the homescreen?

    3) How do I change things like the WiFi and Bluetooth Icons? I can not find that option anywhere?

    4) Can I assign the slot names for Icon in composer so that I do not have to go through and edit my svg every time I make a change?

    5) How can I find out the link to 3rd party apps so that I can add them for hotkey functions?

    Thank You in advance.
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