1. intellekt's Avatar
    Hi everyone I've had this problem on a couple of today themes (Today Plus and iVista Today)

    On my Today screen I've gotten messages and opened them but even when they have been read they still stay on the today screen. I have tried clearing my inbox but it still appears up there. I don't know why and it's happened twice already.

    I'm running but I'm not sure if it's an OS problem or if its ???. If you've had this problem please post and if its fixable. thanks!
    06-28-08 01:52 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    Try a battery pull.. I can almost guarantee this will clear up your issue.
    06-28-08 01:58 PM
  3. intellekt's Avatar
    thanks. that worked for me i hate doing that though lol.
    06-28-08 03:17 PM