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    I updated my os to Verizon's new one I think it's .138 and all of a sudden my calendar options on the front of my today plus theme quit working. It doesn't scroll like it used to. For instance once I get past the 8am meeting that would disappear allowing the meeting that was not visible (I have up to 4 on my home screen) to show up.

    Any idea on what might have happened? Would the OS have messed up themes?


    08-31-09 02:29 PM
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    As a side note, when it would get to the end of the day and if the appointment was for tomorrow it would use tomorrows date so that I would know it wasn't today. And this isn't working any longer either. The last appointment for today just occurred and it lists tomorrows on there now, but no date. For example it used to be:

    1:00p Cruising around crackberry.com
    2:00p Replying to threads on crackberry.com
    3:00p Wishing I had the Tour
    9/1 Buying a Tour

    Now it just got past the last meeting and what would normally happen would be it would list out the next 4 appointments all with the date there, but it isn't doing that either. I am easily confused with all the day dreaming that I do, so when I saw 4pm meeting, I took off for it, but it isn't until tomorrow :-D


    08-31-09 03:02 PM
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    When you update an OS, be sure to check your default stuff.

    Options > Advanced Options > Default Services > Calendar > select the default. Once you select this, your Today items should show in the theme.
    08-31-09 05:55 PM