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    Hey all...
    I've been searching like crazzzzzy. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could snag a theme that included five icons (like the verizon and t-mobile themes and JUST my CALENDAR.

    here's an idea of what I'd like, photoshopped. I'd still like the function of being able to at least change the wallpaper, order of icons, etc, and frankly, I like the verizon icons the best. What I'd REALLY love is a Apple/Mac theme with the calendar ability that I speak of...oh that'd be heaven...but I digress.

    Here's some phones that have similar homescreens to what I'm wanting. I would like to be able to change the wallpaper, though it's not necessary.

    Nokia e62

    MotoQ - This could be tolerable, though I'd really like it without the line where it has txt/email. I can use my inbox icon to indicate that.

    Here's the thing, I would make it myself in Plazmic, but I am a Mac user in an all Mac office (trust me, no complaints). I love my BB but I'd love it alot more if I could get this worked out.

    I'm willing to pay, though I'd love to find a free one. Any love for this?
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    12-12-07 10:06 AM
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    currently the way Themebuilder is set up...your wish will have to remain a wish. Hopefully in the near future there will be an update to Themebuilder that gives the designer more flexibility. Until that day happens...keep dreaming. BTW...I like the top photoshopped theme..its a shame its photoshopped.
    12-12-07 10:31 PM
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    ::sigh:: I feared such sadness. I liked it too. oh well...
    12-14-07 10:49 AM
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    I love the photoshopped theme...that is EXACTLY what I'm looking for too. I would definitly pay to have that!!! Hopefully someone somewhere someday will be able to do it!!
    12-14-07 02:04 PM
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    Have you seen the thread that tells you how to alter the desktop manager so you can load other vendors themes onto your BB? I tried it and it works well. I believe it is vodafone that has a theme similar to what your looking for. I don't know exactly where that thread was posted but maybe someone else reading this can help you out. Good luck
    12-14-07 02:14 PM
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    You want the today plus theme. I had it on my pearl, but I can't find it for my curve.

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    01-14-08 08:30 PM
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    The guy over at JC Designs Blackberry Themes has something similar. I posted about something like this on previous posts. Check them out they are really helpful.
    01-15-08 01:53 AM
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    Try BBextras.com. They have some themes that seem to be what you are looking for.
    01-15-08 09:54 AM
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    BBextras no longer carries themes.

    I am looking as well. I was hesitant to get a BB because I love the Windows interface, especially when the calendar shows multiple appointments, not just two (as the Today themes do). It is important for me to just look at my phone to remind me what I have to do for the day. Any new suggestions, since it has been a little while since this thread has been active?
    03-01-08 01:35 AM
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    BBextras no longer carries themes.

    ...I was hesitant to get a BB because I love the Windows interface, especially when the calendar shows multiple appointments, not just two (as the Today themes do)....
    The WM devices don't show multiple calendar appointments with the built-in plugins. You need a third party application for that, e.g. PocketBreeze (PPC) and Facade (Smartphone). Somewhat OT, I know, but for the sake of accuracy...
    03-01-08 01:10 PM
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    Actually, I recently had a T-mobile Wing with WM6 (which was stolen, so now I have the BB), but it showed all my appointments for the next 24 hours on the main screen, which I LOVED (I am terribly forgetful). If I had three meetings, it showed all three, etc. I am looking for something like that for my BB.
    03-01-08 02:28 PM
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    can anyone come up with this style theme?
    04-12-08 02:18 PM