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    I searched and didn't really find an answer, so I hope someone can lend some experience. I have enjoyed a few themese over the years on various BB's I have had, in particular the Family Guy and American Dad themes. I have used them on a 9000, 9650, and a Storm2 but I cannot reinstall them on my Torch or any other device with OS6. Is there some hack that can get these to work on my Torch? Is it possible to extract the theme files and use them to build a new theme for the Torch with the Theme Builder?

    I love these so much I actually went out and got a 9700 of craigslist just so I could have my themes again (sad but true.)

    With the new wave of devices coming later this year, I imagine that the developer would adopt them for OS6 but that is a long time away, and I'll have a new BB anyway when they come out. I tried to get a hold of the developer (Airborne Studios) but it looks like they were bought up by another company and have not continued any theme making.

    Any tips, hints, or ideas?

    05-06-11 11:46 PM