1. wirelessandy's Avatar
    Last year I used a 7130c (Cingular, 4.1.x.x) and this year, I'm using a new 8820 (at&t, 4.2.x.x.). I prefer to make my side convenience key to open up the Profile selections.

    On my old 7130c, using the Dimension or Insight themes, it would jump to the text-only Profile selection screen. It's quick and zippy.

    BUT... on my new 8820, the Dimension themes always show the Profile "pop-up" with the various icons (Loud, Vibrate, etc... and Advanced at the bottom.)

    Is there a way to avoid this pop-up and go directly to the "old" Profiles page, now called "Advanced" like my 7130c? I find the pop-up to be a little slow...

    Or is there a theme I could install that doesn't use this Profile pop-up? Or are all 4.2.x.x handhelds using this now?
    01-11-08 12:33 AM