1. Sara_cakes's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a specific theme but I'm not sure if it exists, so here goes my really long and confusing description.

    Basically, I was told that the Tour default theme has these icons where it has like a clear sort of transparency (rather than greyish from the Curve 8900) and I was wondering if there was something similar for the Bold?

    (I think the Bold has the Curve 8900 theme but I'm receiving this phone in 2 days so I don't know yet).

    And! I want this theme in such a way that, if I visit my menu(?) page (where all the apps are), that if I change my wallpaper, my image would also appear here, rather than this default black-blue gradient.

    Phew I hope I explained that properly!
    10-06-09 05:30 PM