1. SuperWario89's Avatar
    i was looking throught the themes here, and i saw this one guys ASU theme.

    well i noticed that in his screen shots, he had changed the red star icon that shows up to tell you that you have a new message. he managed to swap the red star/asterisk with the asu devil, and i want to do something similar

    i want to change the redstar to the circular ducati logo.

    now my problem is, that i know i need to use composer to do this. i need to make a transparent button i believe, but i cant get it to work right. its always distored, or not the right size.

    here are some pictures of what i'm trying to do to go along with my explination above.

    if anyone knows how to do this, and can either give me a detailed explination, or wants to do it for me let me know.

    thanks for all the help everyone!! i'm going to post my ducati theme in a few days after i'm done testing it

    and here is a link to the ducati logo i was trying to use:
    11-30-09 10:06 PM
  2. SuperWario89's Avatar
    i dont know what size to make the logo, or how to make the composer icon thing, i'm kinda lost ha
    11-30-09 10:07 PM
  3. kirksucks's Avatar
    you change that in builder not composer.
    12-01-09 04:29 PM
  4. kirksucks's Avatar
    chose "Edit" in builder. should open in your image editor (i use photoshop) then replace the star with the logo and re-size to your liking. delete the white background, save as transparent png. in builder, open your new image in place of the default.

    if you dont know what I'm talking about sorry, because you should.
    12-01-09 04:32 PM