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    I been playing around with making me a new theme and so far with the help of a few it has been pretty easy but I do still have one question, ok two actually.

    One is my theme is roughly 234k in size which from what i understand that is pretty big for a theme. The theme itself is nothing huge it the context I used a deminsion style design and the stock items that plazmic comes with. I didnt know if there was a way to reduce the size without killing the look or if maybe 234k is normal.. Any thoughts.

    Two is about .jad files. I used plazmic to export as .jad and it comes with the included .cod files but for some reason when i upload it to the web and then try to install it on my berry. (did remove theme from berry to do clean install) it just pulls up plain text of the file... Any ideas or am I doing something wrong.

    Again I thank you all for the help and hope you all have a great day...
    Hopefully I will end up being able to share this theme and ppl will enjoy it. We will see tho.
    11-11-08 11:12 PM
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    Well first off the size it actually smaller then normal, "large" themes run usually over 500kb from what I have seen. Second I'm no expert with the jads but as I was told you actually have to link the cods to the jad since the jad is really just an index of the cod files themselves. I personally have never done a upload of a jad so I'm not too much help other then I want to test converting the alx into a jar/jad and seeing if that would work since its much easier to upload, but again I use DM and not ota.

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    11-12-08 12:29 AM
  3. anon(3850)'s Avatar
    Well that is good about the size then, but still not sure about how to make OTA work, I really want to share this Theme and so forth.
    11-12-08 02:02 AM