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    I am wanting a black and hot pink theme . I really don't like the bold or tour icons, so if you can do regular bb icons or a updated look of the regular icons that would be awesome! I am wanting pink text thru out the whole theme. Also if the text can be script or a girly font ill be one happy chick I want a bottom dock with at least 6 icon spots, that I can customize myself as well. If you can make them so the lil bouncey thing, then sweetness! I want this theme for my curve 8330 4.5os and I would need it too be an ota also. So in a nutshell, I want pretty much a regular bb theme, just hot pink and black, with girly font, and a bottom dock if any of you amazing theme creators wanna jump on this, please comment or message me, my PIN is 31CCB864. Thanks!

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    07-04-10 02:20 PM