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    I've been working hard on a theme for myself for the past two weeks. I've been following examples and tutorials (and yes I've read the Plazmic composer and theme builder user guides) but I'm still having troubles.

    I am able to make my 10 icons (for a storm theme) to move down (like a hidden dock) and up. However, I have it set in the .svg to move just those ten icons, yet it moves my eleventh icon and all my other buttons down with the ten icons. Anyone have any ideas as to why this would happen?
    06-16-09 05:56 PM
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    well...i fixed that problem. It was because I included the buttons I didn't want moving within the "buttons" g id tag.

    New problem though, Now all of my buttons (including the big hidden application menu button, and the volume button) will move the sliding icons up and down. Can't figure out why :-/
    06-16-09 07:42 PM
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    06-17-09 10:05 AM
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    It will help you if you post things like this in the Theme Developers Forum..

    I have some samples/tutorials in that forum.

    I am sure that I can fix the problem your having for a fee..send me a PM, if your interested...
    07-03-09 09:02 PM