1. agp423's Avatar
    For all you theme makers out there - how and why did you start making themes? Where did you learn?
    04-23-11 09:39 AM
  2. russnash's Avatar
    I started quite a few years ago with my first berry, an 8330. I made free themes, the first of which was a very simple theme called Propeller. It was basically a theme with extra icons in an L shape. Propeller was featured in the CB theme roundup which I was very surprised by. I went on from there and ended up making themes for the OS5 leak on the 8330.

    I took a long break from theme building until I made some free themes for the storms then finally went premium not long ago.

    I love theme building even though it can be very hard work. For me the most exciting challenge is creating something original and different.

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    04-27-11 11:48 PM
  3. Mvor7's Avatar
    I started about a year ago due to the lack of a proper OS6-style-theme for OS5 at the time. I first started fooling around with TB and then I realized how SVGs are really a W3 standard and close to XML, the rest was easy enough!

    Then I swore I wouldn't waste any more time on this, because I did spend A LOT of time on it at first, but then TB6 came out and I got bored with OS6, again, what I wanted didn't really exist, so here I went again...
    05-02-11 11:39 PM