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    Hey folks,

    For about a year I've been hosting themes for free at BBThe.me: Home for users here and a couple other places. I have no intention of making any money off the site, just sort of a hobby for me.

    I have a bunch of things I'd like to do with the site, including offering ratings, and self-management of themes by users. Also looking to add some moderation and some other features. I simply don't have enough time to do all that work. If anyone here is familiar with MySQL and PHP, please send me a PM or get my email from the site. This isn't a paid position or anything, just looking for someone else who'd like to be involved. Would be willing to bring a couple people in.

    Note to moderators: My site isn't a paid site, I'm not leeching traffic from Crackberry. My site has been around about a year and I host about 55 themes right now (all free). Please don't delete this post, or if you do, tell me why via a PM so I don't infract again.
    10-23-09 08:57 AM