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    I was playing with Theme Studio because I would like a standard zen theme but I would like for the clock and the date to be a little bigger. I'm in my mid 40's and my eyesight isn't what it use to be. After a little trial and error I got what I thought was a perfect theme for myself. All I did was expand the homescreen and banner and enlarge the clock and date and put notifications under the date. So, what would cause a severe memory leak. I was losing 20MB in a 8 hr time span. Could it be what version of OS I'm running?? Any help on how I can go back to using this theme without the severe leak would be greatly appretiated.
    01-03-11 06:22 PM
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    What OS are you currently on? Might be the culprit, but I am not sure. If all you did was modify a stock theme, and then reload it, that shouldn't cause a memory leak. Did you install any third party apps recently?
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    01-03-11 07:08 PM
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    I am running .1030 and no, I haven't installed any apps lately. It's funny because I re activated the precision zen theme that came on my Tour and I've only lost 1 MB since yesterday. Maybe I'll try going back to a previous OS, or just find another work around for my bad eyesight.
    01-04-11 05:58 AM
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    Update-After running .1030 for a few weeks I got a random reboot as I was in the middle of a BBM chat. I decided to go back to .484, I never had any issues at all with this OS. Re-installed my custom theme and no excessive memory leak! My mother-in-law liked it so much I put it on her Tour as well. All is good.
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    01-07-11 05:37 PM
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    Glad to see that you got this worked out.
    01-10-11 04:26 PM