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    Hi there. I'm new to this and I've created a theme for myself and it's working fine. The only problem is with the select bar color on the phone in media/settings. They are set to pink but it still remains a default blue. Most themes has everything customized. I've set every single image/colors to pink but it still happens. For eg:

    but when I go into images

    Another example:

    and then this when I go down

    Does anyone have any idea what this cursor is called/listed under? Because I've changed every single image/color to the pink I've wanted but it's still not working ):

    Thanks guys.
    I'm sorry if this is not the right forum.
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    10-17-11 08:37 AM
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    may be a limit on the theme builder, dont hold me to it though as i am just learning myself about making themes. but i do think its a limit of the theme builder, seeing as all of the themes i have on my torch and bold are fully customized but no matter what those same points, as you pointed out, stay the original blue.
    10-18-11 01:10 AM