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    Guys I'm having trouble installing the themes via blackberry desktop manager. I'm am fairly new at this, say after I download the zip file, I do not know how to install in onto my blackberry pearl. It would be a great deal of help if fellow blackberry user can help me with this problem so that I can have cool themes on my pearl as well. Thank you

    08-06-08 08:51 PM
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    ohh is there any links that you guy recommend?
    08-06-08 08:51 PM
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    When you download the zip file extract it and check to see the extension of the theme. If the extension is *.alx then all you need to do is connect your blackberry to your pc start up desktop manager and in the application loafer section you browse for the *.alx file and click ok! The desktop manager will then install the theme onto your blackberry and you will be able to find it in the theme section in your options.

    If the zip file contains a *.jad file then you need to run this file on your blackberry to install the theme. Either by quickly uploading the *.jad file and the pointing your blackberry browser at it or, someone can correct me if I'm wrong but you could use the media manager option in desktop manager to put the *.jad file onto your blackberry and then just find it and run it through the media application on the blackberry.

    Hope that helps. Cheers.

    Also check out eVeek dot com.

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    08-06-08 09:13 PM
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    I would suggest emailing the .jad file to your blackberry. That way you can open the link and it will install it on your berry.

    I would also suggest Themes4BB.com| Free BlackBerry Themes| Multimedia For Your Berry for themes
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    08-06-08 10:02 PM
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    BlackBerry 101: The Basics of BlackBerry Themes | CrackBerry.com

    That should help

    Basically, once you have the .zip downloaded you need to unzip. Then open AppLoader and Add the theme... by finding the .alx file for the theme in the folder you just extracted
    08-06-08 10:07 PM
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    thank you so much for your help everyone!! GO BLACKBERRY!
    08-09-08 06:51 PM