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    Hey guys, looking to Build a theme database using a very professional style format which is easy to browse and navigate.
    Currently I'm mostly using the free themes given to me by ElyCruz.
    I'm open to any and all submissions though.
    I got a couple up from Ely so far.
    Top bar features the best themes and the side bar does as well.
    They'll scroll when I get enough up there.
    I got around 10 more from Elycruz to add.
    Click the Bold themes to view how archives will look like.
    You'll also be able to view themes by category and sort through tags by clicking the tag tab on the right which bring up a 'tag cloud.'
    You can also browse themes by clicking the categories above the featured section. These are the categories currently used for themes.
    By scrolling to "Free Bold Themes" (Not Clicking) it brings a drop down menu of "Light Themes" "Dark Themes."

    Trying to make it as simple as possible to find the themes you want.
    Hoping to have it finished in a week with at least 50 themes.
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