1. Prydan2k's Avatar
    Well after getting myself a Curve and absolutely loving it, but having yet been able to find a theme I really like I am thinking about creating my own. I have some graphics and computer background so I'd welcome this challenge.

    I have seen Plazmic mentioned in some posts I looked over so I will give that a try.

    My questions is with icons. Is there a resource for them or a place to download them? Is that included with the Plazmic software?

    And I guess any other info that may be helpful.

    06-18-08 01:24 AM
  2. Prydan2k's Avatar
    Anyone have an answer on the icons? Gonna start messing around this weekend
    06-23-08 08:37 PM
  3. Wind_Danzer's Avatar
    Try doing a search on google for "free icons" and have at it.

    I gotlots of icons from a search.
    06-24-08 02:13 AM
  4. Kronk's Avatar

    But yes, the Plazmic software comes with several versions of the standard icons, as well as some wallpapers and such.
    06-24-08 02:43 AM
  5. Prydan2k's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip! I'll have to give this a try this week!

    06-29-08 11:05 AM
  6. 1FSU_SEMINOLES's Avatar
    What site were you thinking about creating the theme through????
    06-29-08 11:10 AM