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    The tutorials have all moved to ahazdesigns.com sign up (free) and check your email then activate and log in
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    07-22-09 04:42 AM
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    i was watching the video for the hidden today and i have 2 questions . 1. ur video shows the storm , will it work for the curve ??? and also doesnt say how to make it hidden , i still dont get that part
    07-23-09 06:59 AM
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    Nice videos. thanks!
    07-23-09 07:05 AM
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    I attempted to use the links you have provided and it seems as if they have been removed. Any help you could provide this newbie theme maker would be appreciated.


    What kind of tutorials is everyone looking for? Doesnt matter if youre new or experienced at theme building if i know how to do it ill try to post a video of it for you all.

    So far here is what i have:

    07-27-09 08:31 PM
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    The links are now at ahazdesigns.com

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    07-27-09 09:04 PM
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    Thank you sooo much!!!
    07-27-09 09:07 PM
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    that link keeps saying i do not have permission to access
    07-27-09 09:19 PM
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    I just visited the website. You have to become a member. It takes about three minutes.

    Good Luck!
    07-27-09 09:23 PM
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    You have to verify through the email you signed up with (I need to add that in a message still lol

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    07-27-09 09:23 PM