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    (If so, where can I find it?)

    It would work like this:

    Home screen is my wallpaper. I press the BlackBerry key and my application icons appear. The "BB Dimension Today" theme has this BlackBerry key functionality that I'm talking about. (The only problem is that it has the "today" text all over the home screen!) I would also need the five minute lesson on how to download and install the theme, assuming it's available. TIA.


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    No takers on this one?

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    I don't know what model & operating system you are using. On the CB Themes of the Week this week they had a theme that was completely blank on the homescreen. I have a 8330 w/4.5 & I use a theme called a theme called "Reverie" which has a minimalistic banner w/2 two shortcuts to QuickLanch & Profiles. There's a version with a weather slot available as well. What I like about it is that you have about 95% of your screen so you can enjoy your favorite WallPaper. Hope this helps. After that, check BB101 for easy to follow theme installation instructions.

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    Sounds like a Hidden Dock or Blank Theme. What OS do you have on your Curve? 4.5 or a 5.0 variant?

    I'll drop a link to the 8330 Themes subforum, you might wanna cruise through some of them, some themes will have multiple versiond on a page. Look for the terms I gave you above.

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    Thanks to both of you. I'm running version on my 8330m (Sprint -- not sure if that matters). And yes, I would like a simple theme that looks like this:

    I like the stuff at the top (time, date, signal, active profile), but I want to just be able to hit the BlackBerry key and see my icons. Right now, with my BB Dimension Icon theme set up like this, there's an extra step. After pressing the BlackBerry key, there's a menu in which I have to select "show all" for the icons to appear. I would like to skip that step and just see the icons when I press the BlackBerry key.

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    I hunted around the themes forum a bit tonight and tried various themes. A few were very close to what I wanted, but no matter which one I tried, however close it was, it still wasn't my grail theme. Therefore, I went ahead and downloaded the BlackBerry Theme Developer program and decided to try to make my own.

    I like the BB Dimension Icon theme's icon's, fonts, texts, and options, so I wasn't looking for something radically different. All I ever wanted was a screen without icons (I use all shortcuts possible to reach my apps) on which I could use my many wallpapers. But I also wanted to be able to press the BlackBerry key and reach the apps for which I don't have shortcuts with just one click.

    All I did was use the "custom" build tool of the program to export two themes for installing in my BlackBerry. One I exported "as is" with no changes. That one has the clickable "profiles" icon up in the usual slot near the clock, battery charge symbol, etc. The other one has just one change: the profiles clickable icon is removed. (I hate redundancy, and all I have to do is click the "F" key when on the home screen to access and change my notification profiles.)

    Here's the one I'm using:

    And the apps without shortcuts are just one click of the BlackBerry key away:

    When I figure out how to do it, I'll upload these ever-so-slightly modified themes to the site.

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