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    Hey guys.
    I've been really getting into this Theme Building stuff, but little do people know that aside from a couple computer graphics courses 10 years ago in high school, everything I know about Theme building and SVG's is completely self taught...(with help from a couple "buddies"/sites online). Well I've ran into a little wall and need some help, but I need to know certain things that I think only RIM knows.

    I'm trying to implement things into a home screen SVG that have never been used yet but I need to know certain commands that the SVG reader in the blackberry itself understands. The specific commands I need are: when you tap or highlight something/Hold your finger over something to keep it selected, To move/drag something, and deselect/release. An App developer actually might know the answer to this. I won't tell you what this is exactly applying to but I can tell you this that if I can accomplish what I'm trying for it would change the interface of the home screen in themes to a much "cooler" feel on certain elements like sliding docks.

    I have search the blackberry site along with thier forums, which look pretty bone dry btw, with no luck. It might be in a user guide somewhere, but I haven't seen it yet...it is pretty detailed info. If any one knows any info or a direction for me, I MIGHT be willing to give up some of my new tricks....(I do still have a couple know ones seen yet like a different type of circular dock (different than the one on the Free CB theme collaboration) and...well you'll see in the next theme!)
    10-27-09 10:45 AM
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    Sorry, I don't know any undocumented tricks. As far as I know SVG has no control on what no control about what is selected or the focus in the screen (the screen navigation is designed through the theme maker, but this may not apply to the Storm of which I know from little to nothing). It however controls what is highlighted! As far as moving/dragging something, animateTransform can change the position of elements in the screen (triggered by whatever event begins them) but you probably knew that. Anyway, it is true that the SVG documentation lack of details about how it interacts with device, e.g., it has nothing about app slots (of which there can be more to explain!). I think things will change with the release of the new OS and we will get more control. Good luck!

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    10-29-09 09:24 AM