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    I figured I'd start a new one with all the "volumes" in one thread. These are all corrected and it appears all the icons appear now in each of them. Please see this thread for a screen shot of the first version. The only thing different are the customs screens...

    Vol 2 has a sms/mms as the 3rd icon, Vol 3 incorporates a calendar on the home screen and the sms/mms as the 3rd icon.

    I have created a 4th just for me but decided to post it here too. It has a calendar and the 3rd icon is back to BB messenger.

    As I said, after talking to a bunch of others and being pointed in directions to check certain things, all the icons should be working now. If they are not, please make sure your SMS/MMS messages are to be showing up in the different boxes as assigned on your BB as I have done it now on the theme builder itself.


    EDIT: There will be no more customization of this particular theme so please do not post up any requests. There is plenty here to choose from and it's time I start another one.
    08-03-08 02:00 PM