1. RobUM2011's Avatar
    So... Since I don't actually have the phone yet (obviously), I decided I'd pass the time by trying to make some wallpapers that I might potentially use once I can get my hands on the device. However, I'm not sure how much room to leave for the icons.. Is there anyone out there with a test device that could try out this wallpaper for me and let me know if the U is where it needs to be? Or perhaps if you can just tell me how much room I need to designate that'd work too...
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    10-31-08 04:06 PM
  2. gomez583's Avatar
    From the simulator.

    10-31-08 09:47 PM
  3. cking1786's Avatar
    Sweet bro! Go Canes!
    11-01-08 12:59 AM
  4. TBryant82's Avatar
    hmm, so I'm taking it that you could minimize the amount of icons you can have on the front screen?
    11-01-08 10:44 AM
  5. RobUM2011's Avatar
    alright cool... so with 2 rows of icons, it looks just about perfect. Thanks man..

    and yes, GO CANES! haha
    11-02-08 11:06 AM