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    Theme name: STORM Real iBerry Blocks CUSTOM L/Today Plus/Hidden Zen/Bottom Zen
    Theme author: JC Designs - Gadgetbean.com
    Supported Device Model(s) and OS: Blackberry Storm OS 4.7
    Download Link(s): Get it here
    Theme Cost: $7.00

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    We have gotten tons of requests on our Real iBerry Blocks Custom L theme for the Curve/BOLD to be ported over to the Storm.. well the Wait is over!!! This theme has been thoroughly tested on my Storm. I will be making updates to this one as see fit, I am releasing this version so we can all start enjoying some cool themes for the Storm!!

    Version 1.02
    ALL Icons on the Phone besides 3rd Party are now all addressed and in iBerry Format
    LockScreen Wallpaper are now complete.
    4 Bottom Dock Icon has always been Customizable.

    Accept no imitations, or chessy knockoffs. Turn your Storm into a Chic iBerry with the Storm Real iBerry Blocks Custom L. Pack with the sharpest, newest and latest icons. Best of all, its the first CUSTOM L iBerry Storm Theme.

    This aint just a pretty theme, this is a pretty theme with functions that actually works, exactly what the demanding users need !!!


    Today Plus - (The Bottom Dock Fades Away when NOT in use)

    Hidden Zen (The Bottom Dock Fades Away when you wish)

    For more of my creations - please goto my subforum here : Crackberry JC Designs - Gadgetbean.com Sub Forum


    JC Designs - Gadgetbean.com
    JC Designs Blackberry Themes
    02-22-09 07:46 PM
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    I love this theme and the customer service is great! John answered my questions and helped me with a question on the first day. The theme looks fabulous!
    02-22-09 08:59 PM