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    So I'm making my first BlackBerry (Storm) theme and it looks beautiful in the preview/workspace and the simulator but when I load it to my phone a lot of the graphics look horrible. I am new to BlackBerry theme-ing but not new to graphics, I have made sure all the graphics are the proper size and are not scaling funny, the problem is with the wallpaper I'm using and the focus icons. There is a lot of gradient in the graphics and when I load the theme to the phone the gradient is very banded not smooth like it appears on the workspace and simulator. The thing that is really driving me crazy is that prior to making my theme, I was using the EXACT same wallpaper image as my wallpaper on my storm without the banding issues. All of my images are saves as .png files and are 8-bit RGB color. I've tried switching to 16-bit and I am getting the same results. Can anyone help?

    EDIT: I should mention that I've scoured the User Documentation trying to find any information regarding the proper image format and all I can find is that they recommend .png files. I've also tried searching the forums but either nobody has has this problem or I am terrible at using the search function (probably the latter).
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    How did you get the simulator to work? I have installed 4.7 and know that the sim does not work from the menu in the theme creator. When I look in the RIM folder on my computer all I seem to have is an 8100 simulator. Any ideas?

    03-12-09 11:01 AM
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    I downloaded the 95XX simulator and installed with no problems. I'd say I have 50/50 success getting it to launch from the menu, usually I just open the simulator, export the theme as an alx file and load it through the simulator that way. I did find that you have to download a simulator for every device you're trying to make themes for (if you want to test them).
    03-12-09 11:13 AM
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    Where did you get the 95xx simulator? It does not seem to come with Plazmic 4.7 that I got from the links on this forum.

    thanks again
    03-13-09 05:21 AM
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    I have the simulator working with 4.7 as well. What I did with a lot of trial and mostly error, was to download the 9500 Beta edition.

    BlackBerry Device Simulators v4.7.0.41 (9530 Beta Release)
    Supported devices: BlackBerry Storm 9530 smartphone (9530 Beta Release)

    Here is the link BlackBerry - BlackBerry Device Simulators

    Granted it is not the ideal way of doing it but at least it's working. The shell image is low quality as well and not quite like the real thing but hey it works.

    I am downloading the VodaPhonee simulators as well to try those. Just wanted to return a little and hopefully save some headaches for others.


    03-16-09 01:38 AM