1. Dharmaberry's Avatar
    I'm not sure if something like this exists.

    I would love to find a software program compatible with my BB 8700c that will go through all the cool wallpapers I've downloaded onto my BB and rotate them automatically so I see a different one every day.

    Anybody know if something like that exists?

    (I know it sounds like the epitome of laziness...etc...but still )

    08-14-08 08:41 PM
  2. jimmers's Avatar
    I'm not aware of any type of 3rd party app that exists for this purpose. You just have to change it manually each day.
    08-14-08 08:44 PM
  3. jferguson87's Avatar
    I don't think there is such software out there right now. maybe someday we will have that option.
    08-14-08 08:45 PM
  4. Dharmaberry's Avatar
    Come on all you clever BB coders! Someone should be able to come up with something like that!!!

    (Er, easy for me to say, with my complete lack of coding ability.)

    08-14-08 08:48 PM
  5. macgyver2's Avatar
    There was a site with BB software that had something called screensaver the site was free software and it was in zip format and I couldn't download it and I didn't backup the bookmark.

    But its out there

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    08-14-08 09:49 PM