1. chinesecatt's Avatar
    I don't know if there is a thread like this, if so, please feel free to move it

    Here's mine. I love my Vista desktop background and thought I'd made it for my Curve 8320. So here it is. Copy and share if you like it. So what's yours? Show and share your wallpaper.


    wallpaper on my 8320
    10-02-07 11:20 PM
  2. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    You're doing this the old school way...we're going to promote this much more on the site soon, but what you need to do is use CrackBerry.com's new Wallpaper Maker version 2.0 and Wallpaper Gallery.

    Using the Wallpaper Maker, you can resize/crop/etc. your photo into the perfect BlackBerry Wallpaper (and send it yourself). Once you send it, you can then add it to the BlackBerry Wallpaper Gallery - pick the category, enter a title, and then it will nicely available for easy browsing and easy downloading to the whole crackberry community! Try it out. It's sweet. Start making your wallpapers there and we'll have thousands in no time!
    10-02-07 11:47 PM
  3. chinesecatt's Avatar
    I haven't tried your option Kevin. I'll check it when I have the time. I'm a Photoshop-per, and don't really like to use any photo maker software other than my CS3. I go with what I see is nice and play it with colors and crop and email. As simple and old school.. is what I likey (y)
    10-02-07 11:52 PM
  4. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    Yeah..that's cool. but once it's perfected, upload it anyways using the wallpaper maker. if the photo doesn't need any resizing or anything it will go straight into the cue for going into the wallpaper gallery. then with our wallpaper gallery, u can email the wallpaper right to your device straight from the site. no wasting your time downloading and emailing. u can tell i like it!
    10-03-07 12:00 AM
  5. chinesecatt's Avatar
    u can tell i like it!

    Oh yeah I can tell...

    I will try it tomorrow and I'll let you know if I like it or not
    10-03-07 12:04 AM