1. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. My Windows just did a Service Pack 3 upgrade and now my Plazmic simulators dont work. Anyone else?
    08-23-08 12:36 PM
  2. TStan47's Avatar
    Mine has not worked correctly either, I keep getting error messages, but I installed mine "after" SP3 updated.

    08-23-08 12:55 PM
  3. Daniel.Black's Avatar
    ** Fixed ** Reinstalled Plazmic 4.5 and Wham now it's working.
    08-23-08 01:33 PM
  4. Noticee's Avatar
    lol maybe this is just me but I ve had mine for a while and mine never ever had simulators didnt really bother me that much but w.e.
    08-23-08 04:01 PM
  5. orangetx's Avatar
    Say yal plazmic still run easy & simple? I still having issues it still R in SO SLOW, so anything that yall can advise is GREAT
    08-23-08 04:33 PM
  6. steveninstl's Avatar
    never had a slow issue with Theme Creator
    08-23-08 06:57 PM