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    08-13-08 09:04 AM
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    Chapter one: You do some fanboy scenes of a babe as a theme and offer it online.

    Chapter two: Her photographer finds out about it and tells his lawyer that there's an unlicensed use of his copyright images.

    Chapter three: The babe's lawyers find out and since the courts have established that celebrities own their likenesses, even if you surrender, you probably end up paying your own lawyer for getting you out of a jam.

    Taking your own pictures and doing your own art and not stealing what other people own is a much better way to approach this.

    The world is full of babes willing to let you take their pictures for free, if you ask them and honestly answer their questions about what you intend to do with the pictures.

    You can also approach celebrity babes through their managers for permission to create themes for your personal use, not resale - probably free.

    Once you want to share or sell them, that's a lot less likely.

    Or you can contact the PR people behind movies or TV shows about it - some will be OK with free if you don't charge for downloads, some even if you do.

    And that extends to the Adult Entertainment industry, too.
    08-13-08 09:14 AM