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    Hey wassup everyone, would any of you theme builders on this site would take up on making a today+ Ironman theme for us 83xx users?? I've seen a few on here and those look awesome, but to bad for me its for 9000 only =( lol...so i just figured if i toss that idea out here and if any u guys would like to take little of your time and create this for us fans of Ironman? that'll be greatly appreciated =p
    11-06-08 04:44 PM
  2. Amos33's Avatar
    What's the screen size for 83xx? I can try making one for you. What you want to show on the screen?
    11-07-08 02:32 AM
  3. sabersoul's Avatar
    320x240, same as the 88xx
    11-07-08 05:12 PM
  4. VillanBB's Avatar
    ^yes what saber said. As for the wallpapers on the homescreen, calling screen, and lock mode screen, i got a few in mind. Is that what you're asking? Do you want me to pm u the pics?

    On the 'today plus' homescreen, can you make the Calendar on top and Messages bottom of it? and for the 'bottom dock' is it possible to have 6 or 7 customizable icons?
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    11-07-08 06:32 PM
  5. Amos33's Avatar
    Hi Villian,
    Is something like that ok?

    Try this out first as I dont have 83xx phone/simulator. Tell me anything to change or correct.

    If not to your liking, sent me the pic you want them to be in which screen amos_oh@hotmail.com . If they require too much editing, will need some time to complete.

    If someone can tell me how to make OTA link ( what is the file needed to be in the upload folder ), I will make one here as well.

    Credits to owner of wallpaper. All not mine.

    Tell me if this OTA link works as well.

    Sorry deleted it since the OTA doesn't work.
    Please also use the bottom attached files @post 7 as I've made some minor mistake on this.
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    11-08-08 01:39 AM
  6. VillanBB's Avatar
    Cool thanks Amos! i just uploaded it to my phone and the one problem i've seen is that, at the homescreen bottom dock, the first icon is just blank and wont let me have any icons in that postion
    11-08-08 10:10 AM
  7. Amos33's Avatar
    Think I fixed it.

    Try it out. I will be back in 5hrs

    Another question, when you navigate using your scroll ball does your other themes only allows either horizontal or vertical and not both?
    11-08-08 06:43 PM
  8. VillanBB's Avatar
    Great it works perfect!! Answering your question, at the homescreen, it'll only allow me to scroll vertically NOT horizontally. I'm fine w/ that though. But after pressing the menu button to get to all other icons, both work fine. Thank you again =p
    11-09-08 07:52 PM
  9. jesuskid1013's Avatar
    i feel like such a rookie but my phones media manager doesnt work so how do i add themes to my blackberry curve?
    12-10-08 11:20 PM
  10. rjholla2003's Avatar
    Hey, I joined these forums because I stumbled upon this amazing looking Iron Man theme. Unfortunately, it won't install to my Curve 8300 via the application updater, or OTA. Are there still some flaws to work out, or might it be something on my end? My OS is 4.3.
    12-11-08 02:43 AM
  11. Amos33's Avatar
    @post 9
    Do you mean Desktop Manager?
    Sorry i dont have a web server and cannot make an OTA for download. Maybe you want to try to download to new Desktop Manager?

    @post 10
    I'm not totally sure on this but I think this theme is only for OS4.5
    I've come across someone mentioned how to make it into lower OS version. Let me do some research on it and if able I will make for OS4.3 or maybe you would want to upgrade to OS4.5 since many people are making themes for new OS?

    Any Pros out there can help to comments on this? Sorry for being noob as this my first BB and I've just been playing with it for like less than 2mths.
    12-11-08 06:26 AM
  12. Amos33's Avatar
    @post 10

    Hi try this, i think it should work on your OS4.3 now
    If it still doesn't work tell me.
    12-11-08 07:30 AM
  13. rjholla2003's Avatar
    This is my first BB as well. I've had it for 2 days now, and I love it. :-)

    Unfortunately, the theme still didn't work. Looks like I'll be digging up how to update the OS.
    12-11-08 04:26 PM
  14. jesuskid1013's Avatar
    this is amazing!!! great job...

    is it possible to fix the trackball scrolling...? i like having horizontal... ty
    12-11-08 07:10 PM
  15. rjholla2003's Avatar
    I just updated my OS and this theme is just as sexy as I was hoping. Thank you!
    12-12-08 12:22 AM