1. pearlyrob's Avatar
    Can someone make a theme like the tmobile one with the icons on just the bottom, I really like that! and all that vendor stuff is just too intense for me!! thanks!

    03-08-08 12:25 AM
  2. lush242000's Avatar
    I don't know if its too intense, but it is a bit time consuming. You have to do the following.

    1. install desktop manager, i suggest v4.3
    2. install your bb's operating system on your pc, such as v4.2.2.170
    3. edit the blackberry.alx file
    3a. i used word to do it. the file is about 89 pages or so and the vender themes are down a few pages. you just change the vendor id to your carrier. For me, since I use AT&T, all my id's are 102.
    3b. save the file
    4. plug your bb into your pc and it will automatically ask you to update
    5. sit around for about 45 minutes and sweat it out

    I had to use a backup to get my BES service back, but having all those themes is ******** awesome.

    I openly give credit to all those on Crackberry.com that actually listed detailed instructions on how to do this and I suggest you contact someone who knows what they are doing if your nervous or have questions. I think you will find that people here will help you if you ask. This site is treasure of information.
    03-08-08 05:30 AM
  3. cindylov4's Avatar
    03-08-08 05:33 AM
  4. Adlen's Avatar
    Get the CrackBerry user and abuser themes. I'm currently looking for the new version of Plazmic (Beta) to do this but so far, no luck.
    03-08-08 11:12 AM