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    I just bought a Blackberry Curve 8330 through Verizon two days ago. This is my very first smartphone and I don't have any experience with downloading applications. Here are my questions:

    1. I am loving my bb and am looking for a theme that will show all my calendar events for the current day. The theme that comes on my 8330 Curve will only show 2 calendar events.

    2. When/if I purchase a them from the bb shop, does something get mailed to me, does it get downloaded over the air to my phone, or do I download it to my computer and then use the USB cable to put it on my phone?

    3. I'm a little nervous about paying for something that won't work. I have the Curve 8330 with the o.s. 4.5. Once I buy a theme, can I customize it?

    4. What's up with the flashlight/mirror application? I don't understand how that works.
    02-11-09 12:28 PM
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    1. you might be able to find a theme like what you're looking for. check around crackberry's theme store. i think hedonedesign.com has some themes like the ones you're looking for (i think he sells his themes through crackberry.com as well)

    2. it depends where you download from. some send you an email. when you click it, it will open your bb browser then prompt you about the download. sometimes, it's a zip file and you'll have to install it via desktop manager (i prefer over the air [ota] downloads, they're easier)

    3. what do you mean customize? just make sure the theme is 4.5 compatible (i think if you download a 4.2 os theme it should still work on 4.5... but im not 100% sure. although most themes are made for 4.5 os bbs these days)

    4. i've never used that application...
    02-11-09 02:47 PM
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    1. It has nothing to do with the "day" if you want to see your whole day's calendar. How many calendars can be shown is defined by the theme's capacity itself. If you have 4 calendars a day, then a theme which is designed to show 3 calendars is unable to fulfill your needs.

    IMPORTANT: ***The exact number of calendar be shown in a theme is preset by theme designer when he (she) compose the theme on PC and the number can't be modified on your blackberry device.***

    2. It depends on where you purchase a theme. Some theme designers and websites offer both ota and installation via desktop manager on pc; some don't, only provide ota. That's it.

    3. If you use OS 4.5 blackberry 8330, then all the themes designed for OS 4.5 320x240 resolution devices (87xx, 83xx, 88xx) are available to your Curve.

    4. Actually it is an application. It can only do 2 things: it turns the whole blackberry device screen into white color and black. Some people claim that when the screen turns white, it can be used as if it was a flashlight in the dark. And this is the flashlight mode. When the screen turns black, some people claim that the user can look directly to the dark screen which can reflects a vague face of the user herself. (mainly, but also the "herself" term could be himself, itself and themselves) And they call it "a mirror".

    All due my respect but I think if you want to use your blackberry as a flashlight, there is another way much better, free and not stupid way: open up your video camera function and turn its "video light" on in the "option".

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    02-11-09 04:03 PM
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    Thank you both for taking the time to reply. That was very helpful. I'm getting close to making a decision. I had no idea there was so much possibility and potential with a blackberry. I'm starting to understand why they are so popular.
    02-12-09 04:10 PM