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    Zuneberry 7 - Themes BlackBerry Apps

    If you'd like a chance to win a free copy, visit my friends over at BBEMPIRE! Visit the "contests" section, register and comment!

    If you just can't wait, you can pick it up at the MobiHand App Store!

    Only $1.99 for a limited time!

    If you want a fast, clean, and totally customized theme for your Storm 95xx Blackberry, then this theme is for you. If you can think of it, chances are that this theme has it. This theme is a blend of the yet-to-be-released Windows 7 Phones by Microsoft, and the Zune HD.


    -Custom battery and signal meters designed to be exact replicas of both Windows 7 Phone and the Zune HD

    -Homescreen almost exactly resembles the Zune and Windows 7 Phone UI. While the 6 word links on the right hand side of the screen are preset, the 5 icons on the left hand side of the screen are user-definable!

    -No cheesy, unnecessary animations. Sure, the Zune has some nice animations. But Zune also didn't have to deal with the less than effective Blackberry ThemeBuilder. Animations have a huge impact on memory; that's why they are used judiciously.

    -Wallpaper Friendly! If you have a dark wallpaper that is dark enough for white text, feel free to change the wallpaper to that! Even some of the most expensive themes available today aren't wallpaper friendly!

    -Smooth transitions. When selecting one of the predefined words on the right hand side of the screen, the word glows, and when activated, slides over to the far right hand side of the screen, appearing to pull the next screen to the left.

    -Stock Icons. Don't you hate when you purchase a new theme and you have to re-learn all of the icons? I know how annoying this is, so i decided to keep the icons stock. (iphone icon version also available)

    -Actual Zune font incorporated throughout. The font used by Zune- "zegoe" is used throughout the theme.

    -Menus and lists all custom designed to resemble the Zune UI. Lists (such as options) are black background with white text.

    -Custom Call Screens. I designed the call screens to be easy to read, while still looking stylish.

    -Zune logo "hourglass". As you will see, when the hourglass is activated, you will be surprised with an orange and pink spinning Zune logo.

    -Zune colored "focus icon" in app menu. The focus icon on both the homescreen and the app screen is a orange and pink gradient, similar to that of the Zune logo.

    -Custom 'move' icon.


    I'm always willing to support my users. If you have a problem with a theme, I'll correct it immediately and release an update.

    If you have a question, feel free to contact me. I'll probably get back to you within a few hours. Contact info is found on the bottom of my website, and by using the "support" button within the Mobihand App Store.
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